You know what I am talking about if you have ever started a family tree. There you are filling in all this great information you have on family members, names, birth dates, where they were born, and their parents; when all of a sudden you hit the dreaded “Brick Wall”. You look ever where for more information, the next name in this amazing puzzle of who your family is. You get on the phone and call every family member you can think of and to no avail, no one has any information. Not even a clue or hint as to who it could be. This is the all dreaded “Brick Wall”. It is never fun when you hit one and it can be quite depressing, aggravating, and annoying. I have hit many of these brick walls over the years. It is one of the main reasons I stop working on my family tree. There are times that I find walking away for a bit is good, it gives my brain a chance to think.

I thought I was doing great, but then I was contacted on Ancestry.com by a stranger who informed me that I had the parents wrong for one of the people on my tree. I have been searching and searching to find the right parents or the puzzle piece that fits, but there is no such luck. It’s like this family just popped out of thin air. Which is not good, considering it’s a very big part of my family line that is now wrong. This is the time when it would be great to have a time machine,(sigh, if only they were real).

So how does one get past the brick wall? Well sometimes it is going back over the information you know is correct and looking for any clues that might leading you in right direction. Maybe call those family members again and pick their brain some more. Leave a message on Ancestry.com, or other family tree websites. Search out bloggers who have the same family names as you (you might get lucky and stumble on the right one). I find myself wishing a lot of times that the government was more organized in the past as we are now and kept better track of family information. I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way.

I am hoping to pay for the DNA testing through Ancestry.com and see the connection it gives me. It would have been great if my dad was still alive and could have done the test as it would have given me much better connections. I have 2 brothers, but I don’t think they would do the test or if they did, I would have to pay for it. They are only interested in the family tree if it brings them into money some how. I am sure there are others out there with they same type of family members.

With so many websites like facebook, twitter, pintrest and so on, use them to help get through that brick wall. You just may find a new family member while your at it.

So lets keeping on searching and as always……….Happy Hunting!!!