So I check my account today and my results were finally in. According to the results I am 86% European and 14% West Asia. Break that down to 40%Italian/Greek, 20%Scandinavia, 10% Europe West and 5% Great Britain. Ok, I always thought I was 50% Italian because my mom is 100%, both sets of her grandparents come from Italy, so why then am I only 40%? I am half of my mother and half of my father.


What I am surprised with is that when I look at matches who I have a good possibility of being family with, are all from my dad’s lines. I also did not find a match to the Hodgdon family line, but I have a few connections to the Wade line. Hodgdon is suppose to be my grandfather’s father’s line and Wade is his mother’s line. So this only leads my to believe that my g-grandfather is not of the Hodgdon line and what my grandfather’s daughter’s daughter-in-law said about my grandfather being adopted is probably true. I mean looking at the picture of my grandfather and his Supposed father, they look nothing at all a like. Now my grandfather’s half brother, sure looks a lot like his father, even the blonde hair. So now the hunt is on to find out who is the real father of my grandfather.

I was not expecting much from the DNA test on my grandfather’s side, seeing as how the sample was not from a male and ancestry says you will get results from your mother’s side. Honestly I am still very stumped on trying to figure out my mom’s side.

Anyways. I am off to play detective and try to crack the code of where in the heck I hail from and who my family really is. The test did not show any Native American, so maybe it’s all a story just like who my great grandfather is as well.

As always………… Happy Hunting!