Some times I wish I had a time machine. Honestly, I don’t know which is worse having a writers block when writing a book or hitting a brick wall while working on your family tree. Looking at my DNA results, I was connected to other Furman’s, but no Wades. So it has me wondering, do I not have the gene for a Wade or am I really not related to the Wades at all. Nothing seems correct. I know my grandfathers name, both of them; but After e-mailing one of his daughter’s daughter-in-law, she said she thought her mother-in-law said he might have been adopted. My grandfather said his mother’s name was Bertha Weeks. Only problem, I can not find a Bertha Weeks. Bertha Wade had a sister Anna Margaret, who married a Weeks. I have found that alot of things my grand father had said is not true.

It would be so nice to have a time machine and go back in time to see for myself. It would also have been nice if the government had kept better records of births as well. Ahhhhh, once could only wish. So now I am left with having to go back to my limited paperwork and play detective while connecting the dots. On top of all of this’s website is down, some ddos thing. I guess it’s good because I was thinking it was my computer and I rebooted it yesterday. I also started a group on Facebook called Wade descendants genealogy. I am hoping it will help us to connect to more family and figure out the right connections. I found two other groups on Facebook, one I know I am not connected to and the other one I am still waiting to be approved for.

Just had a thought, I need to find the military record I have for my grandfather. I know he was a bugler. I really should be more organized. So I am off to retrace my tracks once again.

As always……………Happy Hunting!!