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So I am re-tracing my tracks and re-looking at the information I have. You ever get that feeling that you know you have the right information, but others think they are right as well? Funny thing, most people have an easier time tracing back the male family line, for me it’s the female line.

So here is my thing. I am starting over with my family tree. So I will start with my father’s parents:

Alvin Ulmont Ealstman/Hodgdon (Texas Alvin Ranger) married Geneieve Mary Ellen Still on Feb 26, 1919. They had 3 daughters: Cecila Agnes brn Nov. 13, 1921; Patience Mary Bertha brn Feb. 11, 1924; Betty Carol brn Dec. 14, 1927. Betty died at the age of 5. Some time after her death Alvin left Geneieve and his 2 daughters in New York. He was into Rodo’s and that is how he met my grandmother Mary Ellen Buck brn Dec. 14, 1916. Funny, I never noticed it before but both Betty and Mary were born on the same day, just 11 years apart.

Alvin’s parents were Bertha Edith Wade (although he always told my father it was Weeks) and unknown Ealstman. Now I know that back then they tend to reuse family names. From what I have found out on Bertha and her parents/siblings is there is no one with the names Alvin or Ulmont. She is also single on the 1900 Minnesota census and living with her mother. She was listed on two 1895 census’; One living in Todd county, Round Prairie township, MN and then in Strens county, Sauke Center Ward 2, MN. The latter one was done on 13 Jun and the first one on 20 Jun.

Bertha’s parents were John Henry Wade brn 1835-37 in New York and Agnes Jane Furman brn 21 Jan 1837 or 40. They had 14 children. Now this is where it starts to get iffy. Who were John’s parents? I have on one tree them being John Henry Wade Sr. and Samantha Hayford, but with doing some looking around, I am not sure. I found a military record for a Henry Wade brn 1 Feb 1836 and parents are Henry Wade and Hayford, but he was living in New York at the time (1862-3) and my John Henry was already living in Minnesota. How do I know that? Well the 1860 census said so. He also had at least 1 daughter at the time; who was born in Minnesota. I find it hard to believe that my John would have traveled all the way back to New York to enlist into the military. I also found a Henry J. Wade who enlisted in the Civil War in Jun 1863 in Olmsted, Minnesota (The same county he was living in at the time). John seemed to use both John and Henry as first names. On some of his census he lists his father as being born in New York, but on one of then it says Rhode Island. I also found that He lived near Samuel Furman, who is Agnes’ brother. There is also a Elias and Emma/Anna that are on the same Census. I found a John May who seems to be living next to them as well.

Agnes’ parents are Elias Furman and Anna Emma Lathrop. Some people have her listed as Anna Margaret, but on the 1880 Census her name is clearly Emma on it. On the 1850 Census she is listed as Anna. If we go with the re-using of names, we see that Agnes has a daughter names Anna and another one named Emma. Anna’s middle name is Margaret, so I am not quite sure what to think. Unless Anna was Anna Margaret Emma. Food for thought and I will have to look up the census to see is there could be any match.

Well this is as far as I have gotten on the new tree. I have been spending most of my time looking up census’ and other records. I have even checked findagrave.com and came up blank. Most people have John Henry Wade with a death date of April 1894; but I have yet to find a record to prove that. So it leaves me to wondering maybe he did not die and maybe he left his family for whatever reason.

Well all I know is this is one hard case to crack.

As Always………… Happy Hunting!!